In 2002, having devoted 10 years to China foreign trade, Mr. David Zhuo founded the ANJI International Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, China. To get some inspiration for setting up ANJI's strategic business direction, Mr. Zhuo traveled to America for the first time. During this trip, he experienced the real American way of life, such as their lifestyle, recreational leisure and customs. He also witnessed the unique American outdoors and natural sceneries, learned about their culture and history. Attracted by the popularity of outdoor sports and activities, an unfamiliar field he never entered before like most Chinese, Mr. Zhuo decided to set the company's goal in engaging in high quality outdoor products. After a decade's development, ANJI has become an OEM supplier for many world famous outdoor brands.

In 2012, ANJI established a subsidiary, ANJI International (U.S.) LLC. In Los Angeles, California. In 2019, Mr. Zhuo closed ANJI International (U.S.) LLC.


Go outdoors, embrace the nature.

ADEON has an impressive brand image, a unique outdoor culture and tremendous growing potentials. The slogan “return to nature” reminds us of those unforgettable heart pumping outdoor moments.

Product is the foundation of a brand, which requires our continuous effort in its improvement, adjustment and innovation. We are devoted in integrating advanced technology, market demand and fashion trends to constantly bring thrills to our customers. The only way to realize the value of our brand is to keep our quality promises and satisfy customers'needs.

Our business philosophy.
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Services
  • Sustainable development: ADEON's attitudes

    We take responsibilities for the outdoor activities we created, and also maintain a sustainable balance between human and nature.

    Our commitment is to make our products to be recognized by both the society and nature. We strongly support the idea of “outdoor adventure” and “freestyle living” and believe it will blossom in the future.

  • Go Green

    Go Green initiatives: every decision that people makes will influence the environment. Some influences are huge, while some are minor. The purpose of our work is to guarantee a healthier natural environment in the future.

  • Return to the nature

    ADEON always encourage people to go outdoors, to be active and healthy, and be a part of the nature. Join us! Increase your circle of influences in the society and the environmental conservation. See you outdoors.


ANJI's innovative spirit is derived from an open and cooperative working atmosphere. We keep learning, embracing culture diversity, and being passionate about the unknown to make sure we create revolutionary concepts and products.


the idea of “Back to Nature” is followed throughout our business operation.Seamless integration of products, culture and services.


We strive to be an “environment friendly company”, a leading manufacturer in “Green” outdoor products from China.


the relationship between ANJI and its partners is characterized by close knitted, harmonious, fair, loyal, and direct.